Beyond the Shallow Bank

Margaret Talbot has overcome harassment, discrimination, low pay and blocked opportunities to enter the man's world of publishing in 1901. As the novel opens, she faces a failing art career, a failing marriage and the emotional and physical pain of losing a child in stillbirth and nearly dying herself. She travels to a small fishing village where she meets many people. An older woman becomes a confidant while another accuses Margaret of being a witch. A man carries a funeral urn containing his wife's ashes and speaks to it as she were still alive. Everyone else in the village speaks to is as well. A self-proclaimed inventor places magnets in a cage of seagulls to turn them into intercontinental carrier pigeons. One young woman skips and sings nonsense songs. Margaret fears this woman may have suffered a childhood trauma, but some in the village say she is a selkie, a magical creature form Celtic Mythology who lives on the land as a human and in the sea as a seal.

Through their influence and Margaret's own self-determination, she strives to discover who she is and what she truly wants.

Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble If your local bookseller does not have it in stock, ask them to order it for you from the Ingram catalogue.


Wall of Donors

The following people generously donated to this novel's crowd funding campaign. Their support is greatly appreciated and has made the publication of Beyond the Shallow Bank possible.Thank you all.

John Blyth • Bruce & Anna Ellis • Linda Levy Fisk • Dale Kerr • Forsythe • William Grant • Dale Kerr • Heritage Lady • Veronica Leonard • Kathe Lieber • Ben Lorincz • Ellen Michelson • donalee Moulton • Eric Ian Patrick • Martha Vowles



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